SIP Troubleshooting - Intermittent One Way Audio

If you can make both outgoing and incoming calls but experience intermittent one way audio, it is likely to be a bandwidth problem. To troubleshoot, check on the following:

  • Bandwidth required per SIP calls for more details. If your router provides network statistics, you can easily investigate if your internet capacity is utilized at or near the maximum provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • If you can hear the other party clearly and the other party cannot hear you, it is most likely that your internet upload bandwidth is not sufficient. Double check with your ISP on your upload bandwidth as it may be much smaller than the download bandwidth speed

If you have double checked the bandwidth but still cannot resolve the issue, proceed to check the following. 

  • Connected Devices in the SIP subscription page to double confirm that only ONE device is connected. A SIP account can ONLY be used with one device. If more than one device is connected, you may experience no audio or one way audio. 

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