Set up Virtual Line flow: Set condition

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To set up the call flow, follow the steps below. 

Go to Virtual Line > Choose a number > Edit > Set up and Deploy

Set condition: Calls that satisfy conditions you set will be forwarded to the specified destination.

  1. OK to the dialog
  1. Click Next Step(s) to configure

  1. Configure

If the condition type matches with the predefined settings, call will follow the next block settings.

Give your condition a process order. Lower value will be processed first. Example, if you have 3 conditions A, B, C with value from 1 to 3, the order to process is A-> B-> C

Choose a condition type

  • Match Pattern: caller's number matches a predefined pattern

  • In Date Range

  • In Time Range

  • Upload Numbers

  • Validate Expression: this condition will be based on the data received from the customer's integrated system (e.g, Webhook).

Format: {{$.variablename}}==='data'

variablename must be predefined in Advanced Settings at Webhook step.

Example: Virtual Line is integrated to Webhook.

When call comes in > Virtual Line posts data to Webhook > Webhook responses to Virtual Line > If it fits with the expression, go to the next block settings.

  • Otherwise: if the call does not match with any condition above
  • Choose a block type for next action
  • Assign a priority to the condition (process order): if you have more than one conditions, when the call comes, condition with lower value will be processed first.
  • Configure the next block
  • Save
You can create more than one condition for a branch. Finish one and create another.

Other commands in Virtual Line

  1. Gather input: if you want to add a greeting message to gather input of callers (e.g. press 1 for sales, press 2 for support,...) 
  2. Transfer call: if you want to forward calls to one or more phone numbers directly 
  3. Record missed calls and notify: if you want to set missed call notification and allow callers to leave voicemail 
  4. Play message only: if you want to leave one message only to the callers 
  5. Confirm: allow your customer to press 1 confirm their action or press any digit to come back the previous step
  6. Webhook: deliver Virtual Line data to other applications as it happens, meaning you get data immediately.

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