BizPhone Desktop Layout and Command Buttons

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Windows Version

Mac Version

  • Number Display - This is the window wherein the dialed number is reflected
  • Show/Hide Dialpad
  • Organization Name - Shows which Organization Extension belongs to
  • - Shows/Hides BizPhone Setup Panel and quick Account Information
  • Status Indicator - Shows current connection status of extension
    • Green - app is registered/connected
    • Red - app is unregistered/connected
  • Call Button - press to connect call after dialing the number
  • History Tab - Shows current call logs (refreshes/resets upon logging out of the app)
  • Local Phonebook - Shows manually saved Phone Numbers
  • Extension List - reflects all extensions belonging to the Organization
  • Call Status
    • Ringing - BizPhone is establishing the call
    • Connected - call is established and successfully connected
  • Contact Name/Dialed Number - if dialed number is saved in the Phonebook, saved contact name will appear on the screen. Otherwise, only the number will show
  • Outgoing Caller ID - Shows assigned caller ID of the extension
  • Call Recording Setting - shows if Call Recording is enabled/disabled for the extension
  • Mute Button - press to put the user/agent on Mute
  • Hold Button - press to put the current call on Hold.
  • End Button - press to Disconnect call
  • Current Call Duration - shows duration of the ongoing call
  • Transfer Button - press to initiate call Transfer
  • Cancel Transfer Button - only appears when Call Transfer is initiated. Press to abort transfer attempt
  • Show/Hide Dialpad - toggle to show/hide dialpad. Mainly used for DTMF/IVR selection purposes.

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