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This article guides you to install and use the additional software to securely view and download your CR file logs. More info can be found HERE.

Required file

Technical requirements

Setup instructions

  1. Run the setup.exe file to install the app
  2. The apps will be installed as Windows Services: File Manager.
    1. Manage Service: Control Panel > Admin Tools > Services
    2. View Errors: Control Panel > Admin Tools > Event Viewer > Application
  3. Customize the configuration by editing the config file.
    1. File path: C:\Program Files (x86)\File Manager\BrowserConfigApp.exe
      1. Items to customize: SFTP server access credentials, remote server path and local download path.
      2. The private key has to be in Putty PPK format, use WinSCP to convert if needed
      3. the PFX/PGP passphrases and the MoveIt folders need to be set for the app to work properly.
    2. File path: C:\Program Files (x86)\File Manager\BrowserWinSvc.exe.config
      1. Items to customize: browserLocalFolderPath, certificateFileFullPath, certificatePrivateKeyPassword, httpPort, httpsPort, rootUsername and rootPasswordMD5 keys.
      2. By default, the SFTP browser will be available at and using a self-signed certificate. To load a proper SSL certificate, generate a PFX certificate file with the private key and update the config file.
      3. The rootUsername is required to log in the system for the first time to configure other user accounts. Default login credential is root/password.
  4. Restart the service and make sure there are no errors in the event log.
    1. The SFTP downloader will attempt to check for new files every few minutes, configurable using parameter remoteDownloadIntervalMins in the config file.

How to use the services

  1. Log in File Browser the first time

    For the first time, the rootUsername needs to log in to start the configuration
    1. At the URL bar, type in your local_IP_address:port/login (by default
    2. Key in username and password
    3. Click Sign in
  1. Add and grant user access

    At the start, rootUser is able to add user only. In order to fully use the File Manger service, you need to add more members with suitable access to control the members and the files.
    1. Click Add user
    2. Fill in the info > Give the user the access and Add user
    3. Possible access:
      1. Browse files: can only login to web to browse files
      2. Download files: can only login to download file with direct link (no access to other files)
      3. Manage users: can log in to manage the users (add or delete)
      One user can have one or more access.
    4. Example of the access (scroll down to 5. Access matrix) to learn more.
User with Manage user access can do this function, i.e. create and grant user the access.

  1. Browse the files

    1. Click the folder to see the files inside
    1. User with access to both Browse and Download
    2. User with access to Browse only (no hyperlink to download the file)

  1. Download the files

    1. From File Browser
      1. Click the files
      2. Download
    1. From direct link (logged in users):
      1. Direct link format: local_IP_address:port/login?d=XXXX&f=YYYY. Example:
        1. d is the folder name (e.g. monitor)
        2. f is the MP3 file name (e.g. record_2.mp3)
        3. -->
      2. After clicking the link, users are required to log in and then can download the file.

  1. Access matrix

    User 1

    Manage user

    Browse file

    Download files


    User 1


    User 2



    Can manage users only

    User 3


    Can manage users.

    Can browse the file.

    Cannot download the file.

    User 4


    Can manage users.

    Can download the file from direct link.

    Cannot browse the file from web browser.

    User 5



    Can browse files only.

    Cannot manage user.

    Cannot download any file.

    User 6


    Can browse and download the file, from either web browser or direct link.

    Cannot manage user.

    User 7



    Can download file from a direct link.

    Cannot manage user or browse the files.

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