Set up Pay Rule (One Time Payment)

There are 2 types of rules:

  1. Pay item: normal rule
  2. One time payment: special rule (lump sum)

This article addresses the configuration of Pay Item; for One time payment, please refer this link:

Step 1: Access Pay item

Go to Pay Item tab on the top bar  > select [Pay Item] tab in the left sidebar > Click [Create].

Step 2: Set value for the pay rule

Part 1: BASIC

If IS FULL TIME PAY ITEM is selected, the Pay item will not be dependent on Time policy. The employee will receive a fixed amount of payment no matter how much they work in a month/day.

2.1. Name: Name of the rule (it's recommended to choose a well understandable name)

2.2. Time: from which month to which month. If "TO" month is not specified, the rule will be applied forever

2.3. Pay amount is: this is the amount that the employer agrees to pay the employee

  • Monthly rated: choose it if the amount is contracted by month (e.g. $1000 per month)
  • Daily rated: choose if the amount is decided by day (e.g. $100 per day)
  • Hourly rated: choose if the amount is decided by hour (e.g. $10 per hour)

2.4. Pay is calculated by

  • Working days
  • Working hours
  • Default amount OR formula to calculate the pay. Some sample formula
Pay amount is/ Pay is calculated by

Working days

Working hours (e.g. 8)

Monthly rated

= BasicPay / TotalDays

= BasicPay / TotalDays / 8

Daily rated

= BasicPay 

= BasicPay / 8

Hourly rated

= BasicPay * 8 

= BasicPay 


When is IS OVERTIME PAY? applied?

  • If the following policy is for OVERTIME settings AND if you want the overtime payment is shown separately in Payslip.
  • If one of those 2 criteria is not satisfied, you should not tick this option.

2.5. Time policy

2.5.1. Days

  • Selected days of the weeks: can be Mon, Tue or Wed...
  • Working days per week: the number of working days in a week
  • Working days per month: the number of working days in a month
  • Public holidays
  • Exceeded working days per week: to calculate overtime
  • Exceeded working days per month: to calculate overtime

2.5.2. Hours

  • Fixed daily timing: specific time range in a day (e.f. from 9 am to 6 pm)
  • Working hours per day: the number of working hours in a day
  • Exceeded workings hours per day: to calculate overtime

Step 3: Assigning Staff

After you’re done setting the value, click on the Next button to Assign the staff. Select the staff that is under the new pay rule you’re creating. You can filter it by department.

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