Extension group

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  1. Reason to create group of extensions
  • To assign 1 DID to more than 1 extension
  • To call multiple extensions at the same time
  • To pick up the call ringing at an extension in the group. Example: user at ext 102 can pick up the call ringing at ext 300.
  1. Create group
  • Go to bizphone app > Extensions > Groups > Create Group
  • Input the group key and Group label
  • Select the extensions to be in the group

  1. Make call with group
  • Make call to the group: dial the KEY
  • Receive call:
    • To directly pick up the call of any extension, press the pickup prefix + extension key + #. Example: pickup prefix *8, pickup the call that is ringing at ext 201, press *8201#
    • To pick up the call of another extension in the same group, press the pickup prefix + #. Example: *8#

  1. Others
  • Click pencil icon to edit
  • Click the trash icon to delete

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