Get a Refund on Terminated Subscriptions

1. When an active subscription is terminated, the user will be refunded automatically with the amount equals to:

  • Full amount that the user has paid, if the termination date is within 14 days of activation/renewal
  • The rest of the duration of the subscription, in months, if the termination date is after 14 days of activation/renewal.
    For example, your subscription is activated on 12 June, expires on Aug 12 (active for 2 months). If it is terminated on June 25, you will receive 2 months full refund. If it is terminated on June 30, you will receive 1 month refund for July only.

2. We reserve the right to issue refunds and credits at our sole discretion.

3. In the case of a successful refund, an administrative fee will be levied on top of the refund amount to cover processing cost and bank charges.

4. Following are the administrative charges for refund based upon the currency of your account

  • SGD 21.40
  • MYR 60
  • HKD 110
  • AUD 20
  • USD 17

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