Queue management: Create and edit a queue

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What is a queue in Call center? --> The strict definition of a call queue is that it’s where callers are placed on hold, in a queue, while they wait to speak with a live agent.
What is a queue in Wallboard app? --> Incoming call to Virtual Line app > forward to Wallboard. Calls ring directly at the extensions or DID will not join the queue nor have characteristics of the queue.

To create queues in Wallboard, follow the steps below.

Go to Wallboard > Queue management > Create Queue > Enter queue details > Assign extension to queue > Set ring mode > Save

  1. Create Queue

  1. Give your queue a name/label
  1. Configure your queue

Click the 3 dot icon at the right corner > Settings

  • Queue information
    • Queue priority: the priority of queues, determine which call is assigned to agents if they have several incoming call at the same time.
      • Default Priority is 0 (highest).
      • The value can be in the range 0<x<99
      • Example: One agent is under 2 queues, Sales and Support; priority is 0 and 1. Both 2 queues receive incoming calls at the same time. Wallboard will assign the Sales call (higher priority) to the agent first.
    • Queue label: the name of the queue
    • Queue code: the code used in case of transfer.
      • Syntax: ##2_queue_code
      • For example, a call supposed to reach queue luk 101 but mistakenly went to luk 102. The agent picking up that call can transfer the call to luk 101 by pressing ##21122.

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