Enable Backup Line

Backup line forwards all the incoming calls of SIP number to a backup number (e.g. your mobile number or a working landline number). Activate backup line only in emergency situations such as Internet outage, PBX, IP Phone disruption. 

Follow the steps below:

Go to SIP > Reliability > Backup Line > Activate Backup Line > Enter your backup number. 

If your subscription has more than 1 DID, click Customize it to forward incoming calls of each DID to a different number.

  • DID number is your SIP subscription DID
  • Backup number: external numbers that you want to receive incoming calls, e.g. your handphone DID. You need to add a back up number for each DID.
  • Master Backup line number: an external phone number to receive calls when the SIP phone lines are down. Incoming calls to any SIP DID numbers that does not have a backup number will go to the Master Backup line. 
Please note that you need to have sufficient credits to use this feature. The forwarding charge will be the same as the outgoing call charge.

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