How to make changes take effect in Flow

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The Flow presents the Maker-Checker process, in which every change made in the flow must be activated; otherwise, change is just saved as Draft.

When a user wants to edit a flow, there will be 2 scenarios:

  • The edited flow is inactive: user can safely proceed to edit the flow
  • The edited flow is active: to ensure the integrity of ongoing executions of the current active version of the flow, the Flow app will clone it to a separate flow and allow the user to edit that instead, leaving the original flow intact.
    • The new flow will have the status DRAFTING. When ready, the user will be able to deploy this version, making it ACTIVE, and the previous version will be marked as ARCHIVED.
    • Any executions on the ARCHIVED version will continue and finish as normal.
    • Future executions will be on the ACTIVE one.


  1. Click Actions > Edit > Confirm

  1. Change the flow > Activate

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