Account Roles And Differences Between Them

Account roles are designed to limit access to the company data to only authorized individuals. 

There are 4 roles in this hierarchy: Owner, Admin, Member, and Guest. When you create account for your colleagues or guest, you need to assign one of these roles to them. 

Changing account role to higher role unlocks more capabilities in features. 

Description of account roles


Account owner is the one creates the account. There can be only 1 owner in a company account. 

The owner has full capabilities and access to all data. 

There can be none or more members with Admin role. Admin roles can also view Manager interface.
Member account belong to the company and can use company credits and subscriptions that are assigned to them.
Guest account is designed for company owner to manage active and inactive agents using the Global DNC mobile license of the company. Guest account cannot share any information with the company account. 

Tools requiring permission 

Change company info
Change account roles
Receive billing notificationOwner
Invite membersOwner, Admin
Buy subscriptionsOwner, Admin
Top up creditsOwner, Admin
Use creditsOwner, Admin, Member
Use subscriptionsOwner, Admin, Member

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