Manage user info in Payroll

With the User tab, you can 

  1. Create user: a completely new user who has not had an account 
  2. Add user: a user who already has an account on your domain
  3. Import user: import multiple users from a csv file
  4. Edit user info

1. Create User

  • Name
  • Portal access: to allow the user to log in to web portal, buy and manage subscriptions
  • Role: Member or Admin
  • Email address (compulsory)
  • No portal access: the user is not allowed to use web portal. Their account is created solely for HR suite record.

2. Add User

  • Choose the user(s) from the list and Add
  • They are users that already have an account but not added to Payroll. Possibly they exist in other applications that belong to the HR suite.

3. Import user

Applicable when you need to import multiple users at a time

  • Download the template
  • Fill it in 
  • Upload the file 
  • Save

4. Edit user info

Info to be adjusted

  • Image
  • User information (Identity, Personal info and Nationality)
  • Individual pay information (Date of employment, Payment, Donation and Pay item info)
  • Credential (portal log in and App access - Allow user to access payroll app)

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