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5 main tabs in Wallboard:

Queue: allow Supervisor to set up call queue

  1. Wrap Up Time: the wrapping time for incoming calls notification popup. Agents can add more details  (disposition code, note) later.
  2. Queue Priority
    1. To determine the priority of queues. Example: One agent is under 2 queues. Both 2 queues receive incoming calls at the same time. Wallboard will assign the incoming call of the queue which has higher priority to the agent first.
    2. Default Priority is 0 (highest). The value can be in the range 0<x<99
  3. Agent Management
    1. Ring time per agent (in seconds): set up the maximum ring time for each agent
    2. Ring Mode
      1. Round Robin: assign the incoming call randomly to available agents
      2. Ring All: assign the incoming call to all available agents
      3. Queue Order: assign the incoming call following the order in "Assigned agents". For example, there are 3 agents 888, 506 and 126, the incoming call will be assigned to 888 first, then go to  506 and 126. 
      4. Proficiency Level: The incoming call will be assigned to the agent who has the highest proficiency. For example, agents 104, 301 and 506 have proficiency 10, 40 and 30 respectively. The incoming call will be assigned to agent 301 first, then go to agent 506 and 104.
    3. Answer Script: This is the initial welcome message that shows with the incoming calls popup and agents can use this message as the welcome message to the caller. 
      1. The configuration in Queue                                 
      2. A sample of the popup on Workspace
    4. Select agent to assign: choose agents to assign to queue
  4. In Queue Message    
    1. Message to play:  describe the message will play to the caller after XX seconds.                                         
      1. Repeat every: The message will play every XX seconds to the caller)
      2. Max gather times:  Repeat the message in XX times (-1 is unlimited and the value can be in the range 0<x<99)
      3. Gather timeout after: The message will expire after XX seconds (the waiting time for the caller to press DTMF number)
      4. Hangup message on max gather time: describe the message will play to the caller when timeout
    2. Music On Hold: the music played to the caller when they are waiting for agents.
    3. Breaking time between marketing message:  After play "Music On Hold" in x seconds, Wallboard will play marketing message. "Music On Hold" will be played between marketing messages.
    4. Enable Voicemail                                                           
      1. Digit to trigger Voicemail: the number button (DTMF) which caller needs to press to trigger voicemail
    5. Enable Callback                                                                                          
      1. Digit to trigger Callback: the number button (DTMF) which caller needs to press to trigger callback
    6. Announcement message to agent: This announcement will play to agents when they receive a callback from wallboard                                                                            
    7. Ask caller's contact: This message will play to the caller to ask the phone number to callback
    8. Confirm caller's contact message: This message will play to the caller to confirm the phone number
  5. Action Events (Capability of Queue)
    1. Enable Maximum Queue Size: default value =-1; meaning a large number of callers (unlimited) can be in the queue. Max value should be in the range 0 < x < 999
    2. Enable Maximum Wait Time: Default value =-1; meaning caller is going to wait forever until their call is hung up or picked up. Max value should be in the range 0< x <999999
  6. Disposition Codes: Agents can choose these codes in the popup after they finish a call.
  7. Duplicate Queue: clone the current queue to another one
  8. Delete Queue: delete the current queue.

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