Queue management: Agent management

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Go to Wallboard app > Queue management > Settings > Agent management > Fill in the required info and Save

  • Ring time per agent: set up the maximum ring time for each agent
  • SLA threshold: calls answered within this threshold to satisfy the SLA
  • Ring mode:
    • Round Robin: distribute calls evenly among the team. The queue has multiple agents and incoming calls will route to them sequentially. Just add agents in the order that you want them to ring. If a call is received by the first agent in the queue, and goes unanswered for a pre-set amount of time, the call will go to the second agent, then the third.
    • Ring All: assign the incoming call to all available agents
    • Proficiency level:  the incoming call will be assigned to the agent who has the highest proficiency. For example, agents 116, 150 and 110 have proficiency 1, 3, and 2 respectively. The incoming call will be assigned to agent 150 first, then go to agent 110 and 116.
    • Sticky Agent: if a caller calls in for the first time, the system will do a round robin among the available agents to pick up the call as usual. From the second time onwards, the call will be transferred to the assigned user based on the number of dial times set (the total number of times the system will try to connect with the assigned agent. Example below). If the agent misses the call or is unable to answer, the caller can choose whether they want to leave a voicemail, trigger a callback or be connected to another agent.
  • Disable agent note: turn it off to not allow agents to add note after the call is finished (example below)
  • Popup show when: either
  • Answer script: This is the initial welcome message that shows with the incoming calls popup and agents can use this message as the welcome message to the caller (example below)
  • Select agent to assign - and give the agent a proficiency level


  • A popup appears on the agent's screen during a call
    • UUID: the unique id of the call
    • Queue: queue name
    • Status of the call (connecting, talking, ended)
    • Customer info
    • Answer script
    • Disposition codes
    • Customer Fields

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