Check Credits Balance

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To check your credits balance, follow the steps below:


Click 3 Line Menu Icon > Home > Payment. 


Click Human icon > Go to Manage Organization > Payment.

Prepaid account

  • Total credits: The balance that you have with your service provider. This is the amount shown in the Monthly tax invoice.
  • Usable credit: The total amount that you can spend, inclusive of credit limit (if any).
  • Credit limit: An amount that your service provider allows you to borrow in case your account balance (Total credits) goes negative. 
  • Credit limit expiry date: meaning the credit limit is given temporarily. Please make payment/ top-up credit before this date to make sure your Usable credits is always positive.

Postpaid account

  • Amount due: the total amount that you have been invoiced and need to settle by the due date.
  • Unbilled amount:  the usage amount for the current bill period

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