[Bizphone] Voicemail settings do not work

Updated 2 years ago by Jane

Voicemail settings in Bizphone ext 101

If the settings do not work as you expect, please check the following. If you are in one of the following, the voicemail is not triggered.

  1. TYPE of ext 101. If it is CALL CENTER, voicemail settings will not work.

  1. 101 connects to a SIP Gateway

  1. If 101 rings due to a group call (incoming call → group: 10, including 101 and others)

  1. 101 is a forwarded destination from an external number (incoming call → VL/ Bizphone DID → forward to 101)

  1. Virtual Line flow: if 101 has “next step” in the flow, voicemail will follow VL settings and ignore the setup in Bizphone.

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