Add more DIDs to the Virtual Line flow

Updated 2 years ago by Jane

Virtual Line DID is an additional number attached to a Virtual Line subscription.

Virtual line Business Plan or above supports more than 1 DID. Instead of purchasing a new Virtual Line subscription, you will only need to buy another number.

DIDs can be placed at:

  1. The beginning of the flow: incoming calls to any numbers here will go through the whole flow.
  2. A smaller extension branch: you can reach its following block by calling this additional DID.

Follow the steps below to set up additional DID for a Virtual Line call layer. 

Click the block to have separate DID numbers > Add new incoming number > Choose numbers and Assign > Save changes. 

  1. By default, all DIDs are placed at the beginning of the flow

  1. Click the block that you want to add the DID to > Choose a number

  1. Save changes

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