Malaysian Regulatory Requirement for sending SMS to Malaysia

Updated 8 months ago by Ariel

Malaysia has tightened the rules and penalties, else penalty might be imposed by the operator.

  1. Need to put "RM 0.00 " in front of the message (This is done to inform end users that they were not charged to receive this message)
  2. Need to have brands/sender info in the message content (no matter it is a pin code or marketing traffic) to avoid blockage from operator or delay in message delivery, especially for Digi, Maxis, and Celcom.
  3. International brand traffic (eg Facebook OTP, Google, Alibaba, etc) cannot send via the local brand direct route.
  4. llegal content, eg gambling-related, fraud, scam, spam, sexual, or other sensitive contents eg political-related/fake news/etc, are not allowed to be delivered.

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