Bizphone Gateway Extension

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Bizphone Gateway Extension helps customers to integrate PBX / VoiceGateway with Bizphone, especially in case customers want to scale their phone system: use extra Bizphone extensions alongside with existing PBX system.

    How to configure Bizphone Gateway Extension

    1. Register Bizphone gateway extension on Customer's PBX.  2 authentication modes are supported:
      1. Digest Authentication: Register as normal IP Phone which supports SIP protocol (RFC 3261)
      2. IP Authentication: Register as trunk between Customer's PBX and our system. IP authentication would help if customer's PBX doesn't support Digest Authentication
    2. Configure dial plan to support internal call between Bizphone extensions and PBX's extensions. Need to do on both Bizphone interface and PBX.
      1. Configure dial plan on Bizphone. For example, Bizphone extensions are in range 2xx and PBX extensions are in range 1xx. In order to support internal call from 2xx to 1xx, you need to do as below:
        1. Start Number = 1; Length = 3; Leading Digits to Remove = 0; Prefix to Add = 0; Forward to Gateway Extension = 778 (which registered on customer PBX)
      2. Configure dial plan on customer's PBX. This task needs to do from customer side and requires technical / hardware provider assistance. 

    The dial plan which added for purpose FORWARD GATEWAY EXT would NOT aware the Replacement field (Remove XX leading digits and prepend XX)

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