Integration (AgileCRM)

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With this Integration, AgileCRM will generate a ticket whenever your Virtual Line has an incoming call.

Select Integration tab > AgileCRM

Fill in the info at Setting page:

  1. Sub domain
  • It is the unique web address you chose when you were setting up the account. You can see it on your address bar when are logged in.
  • For example, your URL is, key "b3networks" in
  1. Email address
  • The support email that is used to create ticket in AgileCRM
  1. API Key
  1. Group ID
  • Log in to your helpdesk
  • Navigate to Avatar -> Admin Settings -> Service -> Groups -> Select a Group and you'll see the Group ID in the address bar.
  1. Select Status and Priority that is applied for the calls to the Integrated Virtual Line number(s)
  2. Save changes

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