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Flow is an application that allows users to create automated workflows by gathering resources and performing actions on a diverse set of services (voice, sms, Freshdesk, MS Teams). As such, Flow app aims to be the facilitator of performance communication.

After you enable Flow App, you need to create a flow for your account.

A flow is a set of actions that are triggered by an event and performed sequentially. Therefore, to create a flow, you need to specify a trigger and the actions that follow it.

  • Each flow has exactly one trigger - event that initiates the flow, usually carries some initial data.
  • A flow can have unlimited amount of actions - what to be done at each step.

In order to create a flow, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Flow app > Click (+) icon to create a new flow

  1. Choose one of the following options

  • From Scratch: Start with a totally custom flow to meet your needs.
  • Subroutine: Create a special flow that can be embedded in other flows.

  1. Set up actions for your flow and activate

  1. Done

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