Number activation fee

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  • Users will be charged an activation fee if they purchase new number(s). Different numbers have different activation fees.
  • Applied to:
    • All B3Networks numbers.
    • Ported in numbers.
  • Scenarios:
    • Purchase new subscriptions with DIDs.
    • Reactivate terminated subscriptions is considered as purchasing new subscriptions.
    • Purchase extra DIDs for an existing subscriptions.
  • Exceptions: Charged does not incur when
    • Renew subscription.
    • Extend subscription.
    • Reactivate an expired subscription.
    • Swap numbers in the same SKU.
    • Unassign a number and purchase it again within 24 hours.
    • BYOI numbers.


  • Both the number and activation fee are charged when you acquire purchase number(s). Transactions can be checked in the invoices.
  • Notes:
    • Invoice for the numbers is issued at the moment of purchase - individual invoice.
    • Invoice for the activation fee is issued at the end of the month - monthly tax invoice.
      • All activation fees across the month are compiled in one monthly tax invoice as a usage charge.
      • Each fee is listed separately for the users to identify which fee belongs to which number.
      • Invoice text for number fee: Activation fee for number +xxxx.

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