Transfer a call in Bizphone

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  1. Sample roles in a transfer call
  • Caller: The person who calls to your line
  • A (ext 101): Agent picks up the incoming call
  • B (ext 102): Agent receives the transfer call
  1. Main actions in a transfer call
  • Trigger the call transfer:
    • From IP Phone: press ##2 + ext key
    • From mobile app or desktop app: press Transfer + ext key
  • Cancel the call transfer: Press ##3
  1. The process of the call transfer
    1. A pick up the incoming call
    2. A press ##2102. Meanwhile, the caller would hear the music on hold. 
    3. 4 scenarios:
      1. A cancel the transfer
        1. A press ##3
        2. A resume the call with the caller
      2. Blind Transfer: A transfer the call to B immediately.
        1. A hangs up the call immediately after triggering the transfer.
        2. Caller will wait for B to pick up the call.
      3. Attended Transfer: A talk to B and transfer the caller to B
        1. A talk to B
        2. A hangup the call
        3. B connect to the caller.
      4. A talk to B and cancel the transfer
        1. A talk to B
        2. B hang up the call (or A press ##3)
        3. A resume the call with the caller
For step b, the Yealink IP Phone and Fanvil IP Phone which was provisioned from the portal can press the soft key "Transfer" instead.

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