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5 main tabs in Wallboard:

Workspace: detail performance of your Call center

  1. Agent List: There are 2 views for Supervisor and Agent:
    1. Supervisor
      1. View agent status, SLAs and calls
      2. Update the status of agents or assign agents to a particular queue.
      3. Receive the popup notification for the incoming call when staying wallboard. 
      4. Download report by Queue
    2. Agents
      1. Only view their Answered Calls, Abandoned Calls and Callback Calls
      2. Receive the popup notification for the incoming call when staying wallboard (similar to  Supervisor).
      3. Download report of their calls 

        The popup does not appear when users are in the incognito mode of web browser 
  2. Active Calls: detail of calls whose status is talkingSupervisor have 2 available actions:
    1. Barge: Join the conversation of caller and agents
    2. Spy: Listen to the conversation of caller and agents
  3. Callback Calls:  detail of callers who are waiting for the auto-callback from Wallboard. This feature needs to configure more in "Queue Setting > In Queue Message". Supervisor also have 2 available actions similar to Active Calls and one more action Force Hangup)
  4. Answered Calls: detail of calls answered by agents
  5. Abandoned Calls: There are 2 statuses as below:
    1. Abandoned: calls are assigned to a particular queue but are not picked up (all agents busy, assigned to an agent but didn't pick up)
    2. Voicemail: caller has dropped a voicemail

Learn more about 4 other tabs:

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