Caller ID prefix - differentiate the calls in Virtual Line

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When you set up a call flow in Virtual Line, you would notice the Prefix number in front of a CallerID.

  • Show as incoming number with Prefix: real number of the caller
  • Show as internal number with Prefix: your Virtual Line number

Prefix: a tip to identify calls of different purpose, differentiate calls from different Virtual line flow.

You want to know the contact of the caller (incoming number) and their purpose (e.g. support, sales or finance), create a label - prefix for the call. Example

  • Caller's number: 6511223344
  • Prefix: 11 - support, 22 - sales, 33 - finance
  • Incoming call ID shows: 226511223344 --> caller wants to contact sales.
In order to directly call a number with prefix from history (IP phone/ Mobile app), you might need to configure the outbound rule of Bizphone and dial plan of Wallboard.

Example dial plan

  • Prefix: 11 - support, 22 - sales, 33 - finance
  • Start with 11 and has length of 12 (SG number is 65xxxxxxxx + 11) then remove 2 leading digits and prepend

Example of the call logs shown prefix:

Wallboard history

IP Phone - incoming call

Bizphone mobile app - incoming call

Bizphone mobile app - history

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