Checklist: After Purchasing BizPhone

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Below is a checklist of steps to take after purchasing a BizPhone subscription:

  1. Understand types and roles in BizphoneConfigure an extension
  2. Assign DID to extension (if you have DID)
  3. Assign call recording license to extension (if you have Call Recording license)
  4. Assign DNC license to extension (if you have DNC license)
  5. Configure IP phone license (if you use Bizphone with IP Phone or softphone)
  6. Configure Mobile license (if you use Bizphone Mobile license)
  7. Configure Desktop license (if you use Bizphone desktop app)Configure outbound rule

Tabs in BizPhone

  • Extensions: manages all extensions, configure users, extension groups and extension rooms
  • Settings: configure outbound rules, SIP gateway, add-ons assignment (number, IP phone, call recording and DNC)
  • Connected Device: shows the devices that the SIP is connected to
  • History: shows usage log of all extensions.

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