How to make changes to take effect in Virtual Line

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The Virtual Line presents the Maker-Checker process, in which every change made in the flow must be approved and deployed by the owner/admin; otherwise, change is just saved as Draft.


  • Owner and Admin: Edit > Make change > Test > Deploy
  • Member: Edit > Make change > Test > Request to go live > Owner/ Admin approve > Deploy

Owner and Admin access

  1. Step 1: Click Edit

  1. Step 2: Change the flow
  2. Step 3: Test, launch or cancel
  • Make a test call with the new flow. Changes are not saved.
  • Save and launch this version (deploy)
    • Launch now: Tick Publish now > Publish
    • Launch later: Choose date and time > Schedule
    • Add note: optional
  • Cancel (back to stable version)
  • Show version history (store 5 latest versions)
    • Version name and its status (Draft or Active)
    • Created date and time
    • Changes made by whom
    • Actions:
      • Rollback to an old version
      • Delete a version

Member access

  1. Step 1: Edit

Same with Owner/Admin

  1. Step 2: Change the flow

Same with Owner/Admin

  1. Step 3: Request to go Live and wait for Owner/Admin's action
  • Member send the request
  • After they request, member can cancel the request.
  • Owner/Admin is notified of the request when they visit Virtual Line. Click the flow name to see the change.
  • Owner/Admin choose either to test the flow, approve (launch), reject or postpone reviewing this draft (back to the stable version).
  • If they click <--, they will be reminded of the draft until they approve/reject it.

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