Congifure Connector Action: Send SMS Message

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This action allows you to send a message to a phone number.

    • Destination
    • Sender Name
    • Message
    • SMS Job ID

In order to configure an automated message to be sent a phone number, please follow the steps below:

  1. Touch Send SMS Message > click (+) icon at a position you want to add

  1. Add Destination Number and Sender Name

  1. Type your message template > Add

You can add outputs of previous actions into your message template if needed.

Click dashes icon to see outputs of previous actions:

  • Outputs of previous actions: will be at the top of the list.
  • Trigger Event: Outputs of the initial Trigger.
  • Execution Properties:
    • Execution Start At: the time this flow is triggered (using expression format).
    • Execution UUID: Execution identity number.
    • Idempotency Key.
  • Function:
    • Generate random UUID: to generate a random UUID for each action.
    • Format Datetime: to convert timestamp into a particular format to read easily.
    • Duration Between:
      • First Datetime: Execution Properties > Execution Start At.
      • Second Datetime: Function > Current Timestamp.


You want a message with the following template to be sent to the destination number after any Wallboard outbound campaigns ended:

"Your campaign UUID: 123abc-4d5e6f... has just been finished at year-month-date hour:minute:second,timezone. Please go to Wallboard application to have more details."

In order to fulfil this requirement, follow the steps below:

  1. Create a flow with trigger: Campaign Completed - Wallboard Campaign Event. Click HERE for more details.
  2. Touch Send SMS Message > Add Destination Number and Sender Name
  3. Configure your message template:
    1. Type "Your campaign" first > click dashes icon > Trigger Event > Campaign UUID
    2. Continue typing "has just been finished at" > click dashes icon > Function > Format Datetime > fill in the information as below
    3. Continue typing "Please go to Wallboard application to have more details" > Click Add to finish

  1. Click Activate to make this flow active

Other available connector actions:

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