Generate Payslip

Generate new Payslip

You need to generate payslip when.

  • There is no payslip available
  • When there is a change in pay rule, amount to pay and the existing Payslip is no more applicable.

To generate Payslips, follow the steps below:

1. Create Pay Run

2. Choose a month > Create

    After you create a pay run, you can see the overview of staff's pay run, preview it or edit the one time payment item (add or remove).

    Pay item cannot be modified here. All changes must be done at Pay Item tab.

    When a Pay Run is good enough, you can start to Generate the Payslip

    Ensure that you have reviewed your pay run data before generating. This action cannot be undone.

    Status of the Pay Run

    • Orange: The Pay Run is in Prepare stage
    • Light Green: The Pay Run is being Previewed. It can go to Generated (Green) or Prepared (Orange)
    • Green: The Pay Run is generated and cannot be edited anymore. Payslip is available at this stage.

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