Attended Call Transfer

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There are 3 sample roles in a transfer call

  • Caller: The person who called to your line
  • A: The extension who picks up the incoming call
  • B: The extension who receives the transfer call

There are 2 available actions in a transfer call

  • Press ##2 to trigger the call transfer
  • Press ##3 to cancel the call transfer

The process of the call transfer

  1. A pick up the incoming call
  2. A press ##2B# (B = Extension number of agent B). Meanwhile, the caller would hear the music on hold. 
  3. There are 3 available scenarios in a transfer call:
    1. A transfer the call to B immediately. (Blind Transfer)
      1. After triggering the transfer, A hangs up the call immediately then the caller will wait until B pick up the transfer call.
    2. A talk to B and resume the call with the caller
      1. After talking, B hangup the call (or A press ##3) then A will then resume  to the caller
    3. A talk to B then transfer the caller to B (Attended Transfer)
      1. A talk to B initially. Thereafter, A hangup the call then B will then connect to the caller.
For step #2, the Yealink IP Phone and Fanvil IP Phone which has provisioning can press the softkey "Transfer" instead.
For step #2, A able to cancel the call transfer (press ##3) then resume to the caller before B pick up the call.

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