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Call Rebranding service allows customers to use their numbers which do not belong to our system as CallerID. This service is only applicable to SIP, Bizphone, Wallboard.

Because of telecommunication regulations, we are required to ensure accountability for the Call Rebranding service. Hence, in order to activate this service, we will need the following documents for verification:

For individuals:

  • ID (front & back) or Passport (particulars page)
  • Recent phone bill (within 3 months - first page, with visible billing address)

For companies:

  • Registered ACRA Bizfile or a copy of its Letter of Business Registration
  • Approval letter from the Board of Directors. (The approval letter should state that the company's Board of Directors, approves the use of Call Rebranding, ensures the company adheres to regulations presiding over its use, and takes responsibility for any issues arising from the misuse of the rebranding service)
  • Recent phone bill (within 3 months - first page, with visible billing address) to prove that the replacing number belongs to the company. (Organization Name on the bill must MATCH with the Organization Name in our system)

These documents should be sent to our support team, along with your registered number. We will get back to you on your Call/SMS rebranding application very shortly.

Caller ID customization is currently only available for Singapore registered users.
Caller ID customization is not guaranteed to work for recipients in other countries although you may still be able to attempt to customize the Caller ID.

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