Buy Call Tracking Subscription

Only users who have an account with us can buy subscriptions. If you do not have an account yet, contact our sales team for assistance. 

To buy a Call Tracking subscription, follow the steps below.

Go to Home > Store > Call Tracking > Try (if you want to use trial subscription*) or Buy Now > Choose number of tracked DID > Enable Auto-Renew > Pay now. (Screenshots below - click image to view in full size).

1. Click Store at Home page

2. Click BizPhone > Buy Now

3. Choose number of tracked DID

If you want to track your web visitor info (country, key word used, source, IP address...), then estimate the maximum number of visitors on your website at peak hour. The number of tracked DID number you buy should match the number of visitor you estimate.
If you want to compare or calculate the number of calls generated from different marketing sources (Google, Facebook, TV ad), then the number of tracked DID number you buy just need to match the number of marketing source you want to evaluate.

5. Enable Auto-renew and Pay

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