Checklist: After Purchasing BizPhone

Below is a checklist of steps to take after purchasing a BizPhone subscription:

  1. Understand roles in Bizphone
  2. Assign IP license and mobile license to members 
  3. Assign DID to extension
  4. Assign call recording license to extension (if you have Call Recording license)
  5. Configure IP phone license on IP phone (if you use Bizphone with IP Phone)
  6. Configure IP phone license on softphone (if you use Bizphone with softphone)
  7. Configure Mobile license (if you use Bizphone Mobile license)
  8. Set dial plan (if you want to not dial country codes when calling numbers in some countries)
  9. Enable PIN code (if you allow only people who know the code to call from your extension)
  10. Set up ring mode and mailbox
  11. Set up blacklist and whitelist

Tabs in BizPhone

  • Activation checklist: shows total extensions (IP phone and mobile) and licenses (Number, DNC and Call recording), including the activated and inactivated ones.
  • Extension Control: manages all extensions: assignees, caller ID, enable Call recording, PIN code, DNC checking ...
  • Call: to configure the settings that applied to specific extension
  • Plan: master plan of Caller ID, Dial and PIN plan
  • Connected Device: shows the devices that the SIP is connected to
  • Countries list: shows country whitelist and blacklist
  • Call log: shows usage log of all extensions.

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