Configure outbound rules

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Outbound rules are composed of the rules for

  • Dial plan
  • Country whitelist
    • Passcode
  • CallerID plan

Create new rule

Go to Bizphone app > Settings > Outbound rule > New rule > Key in the name of the rule and Save

Change name of the rule

Click the pencil next to the name

Configure a rule

  1. Dial plan

  • Click Add plan to add new plan
  • Click the pencil icon to edit a plan
  • Click the trash icon to delete a plan
  • Example: if you want to dial Singapore destinations without press 65
    • Explanation: If the number starts with 3,6,8,9 and has length of 8, remove 0 leading digits and prepend 65.
    • Result, if you need to call 6512345678, you just dial 12345678
  1. Country whitelist

  • You can only make calls to listed destination. The country whitelist is created for security purpose. By default, 20 countries are added.
  • In order to add a destination the list
    • Search a destination by country name or country code
    • Tick Allowed if you allow the selected extensions to make calls to this destination
    • Tick Passcode required if you require the users to input a passcode every time they make calls to a destination. This option affects users who activate their passcode.
    • Example: call make to Afghanistan
      • Whitelisted +Passcode required
      • User enables passcode: dial + input passcode
      • User NOT enables passcode: dial
If you enable PASSCODE, the destination is automatically whitelisted.
  1. CallerID Plan

  • CallerID plan helps you to configure the CallerID of the outgoing call specifically.
  • Example: if you want to use the ID 6564291310 when calling to Vietnam mobile numbers, configure as below
    • Call to 84 with prefix 9388
    • Use caller id 6564291310
  1. Extension and Gateway affected by the rule

  • You can choose which extension and SIP gateway to follow the outbound rule. Tick/untick and the change is applied automatically.
  • If the SIP gateway is not included here, its outbound call will follow that in SIP app.

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