Use Time Log App

1. Register Employee Thumbprint

You first need to make sure that all new employee details have been entered into the Staff app before thumbprint registration.

From the Biometric Device, launch the Time log app, then click on Register new fingerprint

Select name of Employee to Register

Enter the Passcode (to be done by admin/person-in-charge)

Scan the thumbprint twice. The system will reflect whether registration is successful or not.


Then Your staff scans their finger on the device during check in/out and the data will be synced into the system.

2. Check in with fingerprint

  • Launch the Time Log app on the Biometric Device
  • Choose the Project you belong to 
  • Click on Scan Fingerprint
  • Place thumb on the scanner, and wait for confirmation

3. Check in with Photo

  • Click on Capture Photo, and select your name from the list
  • Face the camera and make sure your face is clearly recognizable on the screen
  • Click Capture to take photo.

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