Admin tab (User management, Team, Team policy and Settings)

This tab is visible to Admin only.

1. User management

  • View existing staff and their info (ID, Name, Team, Role, Employee Type, Join date, and Status)
  • Filtered by Team or by Role
  • Create new or Add user (existing user from other application/ the portal).
  • Edit staff's info (Basic info, Leave policy and Credential)

2. Leave Policy

  • Add default leave: based on MOM's policy
  • Add new Leave
  • Import Leave
  • Edit or Remove Leave

3. Team settings

You can 

  • add new team, assign user to a team
  • remove a team
  • edit a team (name, choose manager and user)

4. Settings

  • Adjust probation time length
  • Enable/ Disable Send email to admin/manager when approve/reject a leave

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