Secure your CR logs

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If your Call recording has a Compliance flag, all its records will be stored and reconciled.

  • 100% calls are recorded.
  • Records are reconciled.

Normally, any one who has access to Call recording app can view and open the files shown on portal. However, for security purpose, we provide users with extra security with two advanced types of Call recording logs:

  • The Call recording files are encrypted and cached on our cloud: specific users have the credential can open the files.
  • The Call recording files are encrypted and sent to local server for enhanced security: all the files are only stored and accessed from your site.



SFTP support

View the file name on portal

Every one has access to CR app

Every one has access to CR app

Every one has access to CR app

Listen online

Any user can click the Play icon and listen to the file

Do not support

Do not support

Download file from portal

Any user can download and open the files.

Any user can download. Password is required to play the file.

Restricted users can download and open the file at restricted location.

Require add-ons: SFPT browser and downloader

STPT - SSH File Transfer Protocol - is a network protocol that provides file access, file transfer, and file management over any reliable data stream.

If you want to upgrade your CR access, please contact our support.

In order for you to browse and download the encrypted files from your local server, please download the supporting software and follow the instruction HERE.


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