[VL] I want to ring ext 102 when call is missed at ext 101. Why 102 does not ring?

Updated 2 years ago by Jane

  • Virtual Line flow: incoming call → ring ext 101 → if missed then ring ext 102
  1. By design, 102 will ring when:
  • 101 enable Ring Device → do not pick up at the device→ ring 102
  • 101 enable Call Forwarding → forwarded destination do not pick up → ring 102

  1. However, with some settings in Bizphone, 102 does NOT ring. You may check the extension settings as below
  • 101 is on DND - Do Not Disturb. It turns off both Ring Device and Call Forwarding.

  • 101 type is Call Center

  • 101 is connected to a Sip Gateway, incoming call = Ring SIP gateway

  • 101 is blocked due to the constraint (Forward loop, forward to VL number, ...)
  • 101 enable Call Forwarding, forward call to another extension (120) and #120 is on Do Not Disturb

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