SIP Troubleshooting - Cannot Make Outgoing Calls

If you cannot make calls, check the following:

  • If yours is a prepaid account, please confirm that you have a positive balance in your account. 
  • Confirm that you have sent the invite to the correct IP address of a SIP server. 
  • Confirm that you are specifying the called number in E.164 format including the country code. For example +6566021000 for calls to the Singapore regardless of where you are originating the call.
  • The called number is in service. 
  • Did you configure any security setting? 
    • IP White-list 
    • Country White-list 
    • Make sure your Firewall don't block traffic from us
    • Your Network in is good conditional. 
    • Confirm that you are using one of the supported codecs: G.711 (alaw, alaw), G.729, GSM.

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