Configure Built-in Action: Split Flow by Condition

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  • Condition determines which branch of the two will be executed based on whether a condition is satisfied or not.
  • Conditions are formed using built-in operators such as contains, equals, does not exist.
  • You can have more than one condition if needed.
  • There is no retry in Split Flow by Condition.

In order to create an action switched by condition, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Split Flow by Condition > Click (+) icon at a position you want to add

  1. Configure the conditions (Path True)
    1. Click dashes icon to choose outputs of the previous actions:
      • Outputs of the previous actions: will be at the top of the list.
      • Trigger Event: Outputs of the initial Trigger.
      *Other available parameters:
      • Execution Properties:
        • Execution Start At: the time this flow is triggered.
        • Execution UUID: Execution identity number.
        • Idempotency Key.
      • Function:
        • Generate random UUID: to generate a random UUID for each action.
        • Format Datetime: to convert timestamp into a particular format.
        • Duration Between:
          • First Datetime: Execution Properties > Execution Start At.
          • Second Datetime: Function > Current Timestamp.
    2. Choose Operator
      1. Is
      2. Contains
      3. Does not exist
    3. Add Control Variable > Add

  1. Go to each branch and configure the next actions as you wish


Other Buit-in actions:

  1. Split Flow by Context
  2. Split Flow by Input

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