SIP Troubleshooting - SIP Registration Failed

If your SIP registration failed, please check the following:

1. Double confirm that your internet is working well. To check the internet you can: 

        • Launch web browser like chrome and address to or
        • Ping or ping (or the SIP domain we provide).

        2. Login to your account, click SIP app and check to confirm if you are using the correct SIP credentials. You have to check following information and make sure your configuration must be matched:

        • SIP username
        • SIP Password
        • SIP Server

        3. Double check your NAT and firewall settings and ensure that they follow the settings in the SIP subscription page. If you make any settings changes at this step, remember to restart the device to ensure that the new settings are deployed. 

        4. Ensure you remove all expired  SIP trunk, In case you try to register expired SIP trunk, we treat that is hacking case then block all traffic come from your device via public IP.

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