Set Pay Rules

Step 1: Go to Pay Rules tab on the top bar  > select [Pay Rule] tab in the left sidebar > Click [Create].

Step 2: set value for the pay rule 

1. Pay Rule Details

  • Name would correspond to the Work Rule in the Staff App
  • Choose the pay rule type: Normal Rule or Lump Sum
  • Pay Type: Allowance or Deduction
  • Wage type: Ordinary or Additional
  • Pay Cycle, choices are One time, Two times per month and First or last half of the month.

    2. Effective Time Details
    Choose from Custom Range, Recurring and Selected Months. It should be depending on the department or work rule of the staff.

    3. Calculate Method Details and Tax Details

    For the Calculate method you can choose from these three: By Amount, By Basic Pay Formula, By Custom Amount Per Staff

    • Input the amount in SGD
    • Select the task details as required

      Step 3: Assigning Staff

      After you’re done setting the value, click on the Next button to Assign the staff. Select the staff that is under the new pay rule you’re creating. You can filter it by department.

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