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5 main tabs in Wallboard:


    • To provide real-time information related to inbound contact center performance
    • Allow the supervisor to select and customize different metrics to show in the dashboard
    • Can be shown on a big screen

  1. Check Wallboard general information in real time. (optional Queue Name)
    1. Call statistic
    2. Abandoned rate
      1. Short abandoned calls
        1. Abandoned calls within a short period (default is 10s). This is because people may have dialed the wrong number and then hung up
        2. Typically this type of calls is not used when calculating the Service Level.
      2. SLA (Service Level Agreement): To measure the performance of the call center or queue.
    3. Agents status: Available, Talking, Busy
    4. Calls in queue
    5. Longest wait time
    6. Agent list
    7. Average call duration
    8. Average wait time
  2. Download report by Queue
    1. Download directly
    2. Export report to email

Learn more on other 4 tabs:

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