Manage the number list for outbound call

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The list of number is required when you want to use the Outbound call feature of Wallboard.

In order to create a number list, follow the steps below:

  1. Configure outbound concurrent calls (hardcorded to 30) for the assigned queue

    In order to configure outbound concurrent calls for the assigned queue, go to Queue Management > Settings > Outbound concurrent call config

If you have not created the Queue yet, please follow this LINK for the instruction.
  1. Add a new list

Go to Wallboard > Number List > Create > Key in list name, select CallerID and Queue > Toggle to check DNC and company blacklist (optional) > Create

As the feature is available in Outbound only, you need to go to Workspace > Switch to outbound

Choose Mode of the campaign:

  • Progressive: the numbers will be assigned to the agents in the queue automatically.
  • Preview: for every number that is assigned to the agent, the system will display a popup to the agent with the caller info. The agent will decide whether she wants to proceed with the call.

Caller ID is required whether you choose Single DID or Respective extension's caller ID.

  • Single DID: all outbound calls will take the chosen number as their default caller ID.
  • Respective extension's caller ID: caller ID is defined as per each extension settings. The default caller ID is used when the extension does not have any caller ID settings.

New list is created with status Draft.

  1. Add numbers to the list

The maximum number for 1 campaign is 50,000 numbers.

Click View Details

Click Upload. If you are uploading the numbers the first time, you can refer to the sample as attached.

When the list is successfully uploaded, the numbers are displayed as below

  1. Other available actions

  • Edit the basic info of a list (name, callerID), change the Mode or change the queue.
  • Duplicate a list, with or without the numbers.
  • Delete a list.
  1. Next steps

After the numbers are loaded in, you can start the campaign.

  • If you have an active Global DNC subscription, you will need to do bulk filtering for all numbers in advance.
  • If you don't have any Global DNC subscription, you can start the campaign right away.

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