Create Goals in Google Analytics

To create Goals in Google Analytics to track Call Tracking conversions, follow the steps below.

Go to your Google Analytics account > Admin tab > Goals > New Goal.

1. Goal Setup 

  • Select Custom

2. Goal Description

    • Name: any name you want (e.g. “incoming call on website”
    • Goal Slot ID: choose the next slot
    • Type: Event

    3. Goal Details

    Set the following:

    • Category: calltracking  
    • Action: received (to track received calls)
    • OR
    • Action: missed (to track missed calls)
    • OR
    • Leave Action field blank to track all calls (i.e both received and missed)

    4. Click Create Goal

    The value of the 'call event' reflects the duration of the call in 'seconds'. If the value is 0 it means that it was a missed call. 

    Please set the option “Use the Event value as the Goal Value for conversion” to "No".

    If this option is set to "Yes", then the goal will have value of the duration of the call in seconds. 

    Before you do this make sure you have added the Google Analytics property ID in the call tracking campaign.

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