Set Up IP Phone License

IP Phone license is to connect to IP Phone or Softphone to make outgoing calls and receive incoming calls.

Option 1: Manual Provision

Go to Extension Control > Select the extension > SIP Credential > Add these credential to the IP phone/softphone. (Screenshots below - click image to see full size)

1. Select the extension to be provisioned

2. Click SIP Credential

3. You can check with the phone provider about how to configure SIP on the device

Option 2: Auto Provision

This option is only available for Yealink phones that are purchased through B3Networks.

Go to Activation Checklist > IP Phone License > Import MAC address > Auto Provision > Connect the IP phones to the internet. (Screenshots below - Open image in new tab to see full size).

1. Click IP Phone License at Activation Checklist

2. Click Import to import the list of MAC address if you don't see the list of MAC addresses of all your phones there

3. Click Auto Provision. The MAC addresses will be assigned randomly to the extensions

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