Connect Yealink Phone to SIP

Follow the steps below to connect Yealink Phone to SIP:

1.Ensure that you have the SlP username and password of the SIP subscription

    Login to your account > Click SIP to see the details.

    2. Connect the power and Internet cables to the Yealink Phone

    3. Connect to the webpage of the Yealink phone by entering the IP address of the phone into a web browser

    To get the IP address of the phone, press the Menu button on the phone. You will see a list of options such as 1.Status 2.Features 3.Settings 4.Messages etc. Select ‘Status’ from list and press Enter. The IP address of the phone will be shown.

    4. Enter the default Username and Password "admin"

    5. Click on the Account tab

    6. Enter the required information

    • Line Active: Enabled
    • Label: Anything you like to appear on the LCD of your phone
    • Registered Name: SIP account we provide (e.g. sip1234567)
    • User Name: SIP account we provide (same as Register Name)
    • Password: SIP password we provide
    • Server Host: SIP domain we provide
    For further details, Contact your Phone provider for assistance or find the User Guide of your Phone here.

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