Connect X-lite for Windows to SIP

Follow the steps below to connect X-lite SoftPhone to SIP:

Basic configuration

1.Ensure that you have the SlP username and password of the SIP subscription

  • Login to your account > Click SIP to see the details.

2. Go to and download X-Lite.

2. Install X-lite following the install guide of counterpath

3. Launch X-Lite and go to > Softphone > Account Settings

4. Enter the following information

  • Account name: You can input SIP Username or anything you want.
  • User ID: SIP Username we provide (same as account name)
  • Domain: SIP server we provided
  • Password: SIP Password we provide 
  • Display name: anything you want to appear on top
If you're using firewall on your network, please configure firewall allows VoIP traffic (see the firewall information on SIP subscription page) 

To make outgoing calls, follow this standard: <country code> + <area code> + <destination>. For example, if you are calling a Singapore number 1234 5678, key in: 6512345678 and call.

Advanced Configuration

1. Change Transport Protocol 

2. Optimize SIP setting. Go to Softphone Preferences

  • DTMF mode: RFC 2833
  • Codec: G711 aLaw, G711 ulaw, G729, GSM

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