Queue management: Voicemail and callback

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Go to Wallboard > Queue management > Settings > In queue message > Voicemail and Callback (click screenshot for full size)

  1. Voicemail
  1. Callback
  • Enable/ Disable callback
  • Digit to trigger callback: set up here and update the message at Caller announcement message.
  • Callback caller ID: choose one ID among the list
  • Announcement message to agent: played when agent is assigned a callback call.
  • Ask caller's contact message: played after the caller triggered a callback request.
  • Confirm caller's contact message: played after the caller leaves the contact.
To confirm: press 1. To input another contact press 0. The number cannot be changed.
  • Goodbye message: played after the recipient confirms.
  • Valid Contact Pattern:

- Default now (for Singapore): [89][0-9]{7}

- If you are from other countries, you can change your Contact Pattern to .* By doing this, all numbers that the caller presses will be valid.

  • Invalid Contact Message: played if the contact is not compatible with the pattern above.
  • Reach Limit Retry Input Contact Message: played when the caller does not input a valid number within allowed retry times.
  • Max Asking Caller Contact Retry Times: the number of times that the caller can try to input the contact.
  1. Route call to other agents

When the assigned agent is busy or offline, caller can choose whether they want to be connected to other available agents.

This option will only be available when Ring Mode is Sticky Agent.

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