Queue management: Voicemail and callback

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Go to Wallboard > Queue management > Settings > In queue message > Voicemail and Callback (click screenshot for full size)

  1. Voicemail
  1. Callback
  • Enable/ Disable callback
  • Digit to trigger callback: set up here and update the message at Caller announcement message.
  • Callback caller ID: choose one ID among the list
  • Announcement message to agent: played when agent is assigned a callback call.
  • Ask caller's contact message: played after the caller triggered a callback request.
  • Confirm caller's contact message: played after the caller leaves the contact.
To confirm: press 1. To input another contact press 0. The number cannot be changed.
  • Goodbye message: played after the recipient confirms.
  • Valid Contact Pattern
  • Invalid Contact Message: played if the contact is not compatible with the pattern above.
  • Reach Limit Retry Input Contact Message: played when the caller does not input a valid number within allowed retry times.
  • Max Asking Caller Contact Retry Times: the number of times that the caller can try to input the contact.

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