Call Waiting in BizPhone Mobile and Desktop App

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  1. What is Call Waiting?
Call Waiting is a feature that notifies an agent currently engaged on a call that another caller is trying to get through the line. The agent is able to choose whether to accept/reject the new call or keep talking on the line.

When the agent is talking on the line and the second incoming call comes in, the agent is able to:

  • Ignore the second incoming call and keep talking on the line
  • Reject the second incoming call to keep talking on the line
  • Hold the first call and accept the second call. Later, agent may choose to go back to the first call.
  1. Notes:
  • This function is only applied to BizPhone Normal Extension. Call Center Extension will follow the agent status and call assignment of queue settings.
  • This function is supported in both BizPhone Mobile and Desktop App.
  • To set up this function on IP Phones, please refer to this article.

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